I meant to do this post before I left town, but ran out of time. But darn it, I’ve come this far, I am NOT going to let a little thing like being out of the country with limited access to the internet stop me from participating in the monthly TBR day. I only hope today is TBR day and it’s not next week. Or last week.

I’d actually read Maria Snyder’s first two books, Poison Study and Magic Study when they first came out. It was a bit of a long wait for the third book, Fire Study, which actually released last fall, and by that time I realized that I’d forgotten much of the first two books and would need a refresher before I read the third (this is the problem with long time periods between series books). So I decided to make Maria Snyder my TBR author for the month, and Fire Study my TBR book.

I’m a huge fan of the first book, Poison Study, and I enjoyed the second. I do think, however, that these books get a bit weaker with each successive book and I’m hoping there might be a fourth book to bring the series around again. While I did enjoy Fire Study, I thought there were places where the pacing dragged a bit, but also the story line seems to get a bit more convoluted and a bit bizarre at times.

I particularly love these books for the interesting world they’re set in, as well as the cast of characters, both the heroine and a number of secondary characters. We get to see growth from a number of the characters in the books, not just the heroine, Yelena. And the author does an excellent job of painting a picture of the characters and their individual traits for the reader without doing it in a manner that seems in your face or telling. She has a very subtle and deft touch for weaving in the details of not just the characters, but the world and its rules as well. I also appreciate the romance subplot running through them, and I would venture a guess that I wouldn’t enjoy them quite as much if that were missing.

On the whole, I do recommend these books, most especially the first one, Poison Study, and I don’t think fans of fantasy romance would be disappointed to have read them.

Poison Study can be found in Kindle format here

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