We arrived in Melbourne yesterday, early afternoon. Sadly, the weather is much like Auckland was: cold and rainy. I can’t understand why my iPhone insisted on telling me the weather was going to be in the eighties. Damn Apple.

Yesterday we walked around downtown Melbourne and Melbourne Central and did some shopping. Not too much though I did spot a few things I want to go back and buy before we leave. I hope I have time!

This morning we went to the National Art Gallery of Victoria and saw an Art Deco exhibit they currently have, as well as walking around some of the other exhibitions. The Art Deco exhibit was interesting and I was able to snap a few pictures to share until I was informed photos aren’t allowed. Oops. I was really sad about that later in the exhibit when we hit the “roaring twenties” clothes. Some gorgeous, gorgeous clothes and a few dresses in particular that I fell madly in love with. As Crissy said, it made me want to go haunt some vintage clothes stores.

After a lovely afternoon tea at the gallery, we headed back to the hotel for a rest. I’m not sure what Crissy has planned for this evening, but I’m going to a burlesque show (yes, by myself and I’m okay with that. Everyone should be okay traveling by themselves and doing fun things!).

The conference starts tomorrow so it stops feeling quite so much like a vacation. However, to top off my stay in Australia, the concierge was able to get me a ticket to see the sold-out Wicked performed at a nearby theater Sunday night. Yay! It’s rare that I’m so close to major stage productions and I decided I couldn’t pass the opportunity up, given my long love of theater and musicals.

I’m looking forward to the conference and meeting with some of the Aussie authors. Certainly, if the hotel we’re in is any indication (holy moses, what a beautiful hotel), this conference is well organized.

Oh, as a small side note, this morning Crissy had room service so I went down to the breakfast buffet on my own. I called her later and told her she should NOT have breakfast in her room any more. The buffet was…astounding and delicious (miso soup? Pork buns? Egg station, waffle station, fruits, cold cuts, pastries, cereals and much, much more). And it included a chocolate fountain. Yes, at the breakfast buffet. And yes, you bet your boots that I partook of some chocolate fountain for breakfast. I’m no dummy 😉

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