Time porn, you know you want some more. Here’s another daily way to waste time. Only a few minutes each day, though. If you like the SciFi channel, X-Files, or unique science fiction, this webshow is for you.

Thanks to a mention in Entertainment Weekly (love that magazine) I went in search of Gemini Division last night. Per Wikipedia: Gemini Division is an American science fiction series of five-to-seven minute long webisodes created by Electric Farm Entertainment which went into production in March 2008. Based on an original story by Brent Friedman the online series was developed by Joshua Stern. The show will air on NBC as part of their online content lineup in August 2008 beginning Monday, August 18, 2008.[1] The series stars Rosario Dawson

Since it only started on August 18, and they’re only releasing two “real” episodes a week as far as I can tell, with the 6th episode releasing today, now’s a good time to “catch up”. It will take you only about a half hour. And then just three to five minutes every day. Look at it as a smoke break. Here’s the story:

An NYPD undercover vice cop, Anna Diaz is used to walking the thin blue line between truth and fiction. One slip, her cover blown, and she could end up dead. That’s why she always keeps the world at arm’s length. That is, until she meets Nick Korda…

Nick is everything Anna ever wanted. For the first time in her life, she finally feels safe enough to lower her guard, be herself. So safe, in fact, Anna’s beginning to wonder if this guy’s too good to be true. Especially after he whisks her to Paris for a romantic getaway and pops the question. Though Anna can’t deny her feelings for Nick, she also can’t ignore those warning signs about his business, his health and his past – causing her to doubt whether or not this man is truly the person he claims to be. But before she can get the answers she needs to commit, Anna witnesses Nick’s gruesome murder…

Determined to bring the people responsible to justice, Anna discovers Nick was not the man she thought – in fact, he wasn’t a man at all. Nick Korda was a “Simulant” – a bio-engineered life form – connected to a global conspiracy involving covert military operations, bizarre genetic experiments… and a mysterious organization known as GEMINI DIVISION.

The creation of writer/producer Brent V. Friedman, GEMINI DIVISION stars Rosario Dawson (Sin City, Eagle Eye) and is produced by Jeff Sagansky and Stan Rogow of Electric Farm Entertainment in conjunction with NBC Universal and Sony International.

Week 1 Bundle (episodes 1 and 2)

Week 2 Bundle (episodes 3 and 4 with some extra “notes to self”)

Episode 5 is the most current episode, so it plays on the home page, but Episode 6 is supposed to release at some point today.

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