Is that I love it. And I’ll spend all day Twittering any interesting thoughts that might cross my head (there aren’t that many. I’m blonde) so I have nothing I really want to blog about these days. I enjoy Twitter because the real time conversations with people I often wouldn’t normally interact with are fun. I have to admit I’m not so enthused about just following people to watch them Twitter, but not interacting. Not my thing. But clearly it is some people’s thing because there are people out there watching me Twitter who never comment. Kind of like blogging, I guess. Only I just think of Twitter as something that should be interactive.

In other news that I haven’t mentioned, last week when I picked up the dogs from boarding, they went to jump in the Explorer. Reese went first and he’s not as agile as Heath. He missed, and fell back. Unfortunately, Heath hadn’t waited and he got knocked back as Reese fell. Heath fell on his back leg and immediately started crying for a few minutes.

I took him to the vet the next morning and he was so tense/frightened that they couldn’t get a good read on him from manipulation tests. So they gave me some pain pills and anti-inflammatories and told me to keep an eye on it for a week. Well, a week has passed and it didn’t get noticeably better so I took him back for X-rays today. Unfortunately, sedation didn’t work on him. They gave him the full dose of sedation allowed and he was still so frightened that they couldn’t get his muscles relaxed enough for good X-rays. So yay us, there was an office visit we had to pay for that resulted in nothing.

The bad news is, he now has to be placed under anesthesia for the X-rays. Even worse news is, if it’s his cruciate ligament, as they fear, he’ll need surgery. Even worse news is, my vet doesn’t do that and they wanted to send us two hours away to a really, really, REALLY expensive orthopedic vet. Um, no. I’ll find someone in the area, thanks. I’ve already started researching my options and will take him to the new vet for X-rays and check of the area, in hopes that if he needs surgery, they can move him into surgery while under anesthesia from the X-rays. Still. Money. Ugh ugh ugh.

Otherwise, Josh was sick this weekend, Brianna took her turn yesterday/today and I have been dosing with vitamins and Airborne for 5 days, trying to ward it off. It looks like it mostly worked. I got a mild “feeling crappy” type of thing, but nothing that I couldn’t work through, thank God. I’ve been editing some great books this week, but really busting butt to catch up from all my travels. I still am behind on emails and some paperwork.

Hey! Emerald City con in a few weeks!

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