One of the things that was a revelation to me while traveling is that other countries don’t have white zinfandel. Not that they don’t have it, but it’s not something you find served in restaurants, bars, etc. Actually, I was in a couple liquor stores and don’t recall seeing it either. I think the closest was a Rose. Now, I know from my tour of some winerys in Sonoma/Napa Valley in July that white zinfandel seems to be the bastard child of wines. But I don’t care, I like it.

I am not ever going to have one of those sophisticated wine palates that some people have. I won’t ever be considered a wine snob, by any stretch of the imagination (and yes, I do like some wines in a box) and my wine taste has been known to horrify some people (see previous comment about wine in a box).

I’m not a big fan of red wine for any number of reasons, including the fact that the tanins give me a raging headache. But I would like to learn to enjoy white wine more. So, if you’re a white wine drinker (any of the various varieties of white wine categories) I’d love some recommendations. Here are some things to keep in mind: I don’t like my wine to be very dry at all, I don’t care for the wines that have the oaky taste and I’m cheap (ie, $20 a bottle is about my max but see the previous wine in a box comment).

Keeping those three things in mind, do you have a wine you like that you think I might too?

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