This morning, Josh called and mentioned he’d seen gas prices rising on his way to work, so I might want to run by Sam’s Club and fill up. Since Target is right across the street from Sam’s Club, and I’ve been wanting to run in there (though I never ended up remembering why), I stopped there first (here that sound? That’s the sound of my husband screaming in agony, because he knows Target is evil). Oh, as an aside, Target in Australia? Even BETTER than Target in the States. Target in Australia has some kick ass clothing sections.

But I digress, so I went to Target and wondered around the clothing section (found a cute skirt and a few things for Josh), then moved on to the shoe section. I tried on a bunch of shoes (pumps with high heels) and fell in love with these but they had them only in a half size too small, dammit.

That’s the part pertinent to the post, but I have to add in here that I went by the video game section and happened to notice they had two Wii Fits. So I bought one. Even though we don’t own a Wii. I’ve been trying to wear Josh down on a Wii (maybe a family Christmas gift, babe!) but since they’re hard to come by, and the Wii Fits even harder, I thought, I was in a holding pattern. But there they were, two of them, just calling my name from the depths of the cold, hard, uncaring white shelves. But really, if you know about the Wii or the Wii Fit, you know they’re hellish hard to find, so I figured if nothing else, I could resell it on Ebay or locally, and make one person very happy, even if it wasn’t myself. Turns out they’d just had those two come in on the truck that morning, and the Wii hunters who normally came in to check for them hadn’t that morning. Score for me!

Back to my point (I have an unimportant one, anyway). I made my way back across the street to Walmart, because I needed dog food and fabric softener. As I went through the store, I passed by the shoes. And didn’t turn in. Why? I never buy shoes at Walmart. Not once have I found a pair of Walmart shoes that turned out to be comfortable or particularly trendy and fun. Walmart’s shoe department just has this shabby air to it for some reason, for me. Now, I’ll buy clothes and pretty much anything else I can think of at Walmart. But not shoes.

So I’m wondering if it’s just me or are there things out there you won’t buy at Walmart either? Or things that you buy pretty much only at Walmart (like milk, I buy most of my milk and bread at Walmart).

Now, aren’t you glad you read all the way to the end? *snort*

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