McDonald’s Happy Meal toys. Passionately. There are so many reasons to hate them.

First, if not for them, I wouldn’t even HAVE to order the Happy Meal. I could just get Brianna a regular meal. I wouldn’t have to listen to her ask repeatedly “get me a toy, get me a toy, get me a toy”.

And you know what else I hate about them? They meet in the dark in the playroom and multiply. No, for real. Because there’s certainly no way I actually let my daughter eat McDonalds enough to explain the number of Happy Meal toys we have.

The junky little things seem to take over the entire play room.

Also, they hurt like hell when you step on them, because they ALWAYS have hard, pointy edges.

**This blog post is brought to you by the golden letter M, and three hours of sorting through toddler toys, which seemed to consist mostly of Happy Meal toys.

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