If you’ve been following my Twitter the past few days, you know we’ve spent the weekend dealing with Brianna and hives. She came home from daycare Friday evening with some mild hives. We weren’t too worried because it’s something that happens every so often from her dairy allergy, if she gets milk protein without knowing it (casein is an ingredient in a lot of things people don’t realize). But Saturday morning she woke up and they were worse. By late Saturday morning she was very nearly covered, with her back and torso being the worst, but hives on her legs, arms and even her groin.

So I took her to the walk-in clinic and yep, hives. Of course, there’s no clue as to the cause and it’s been well over two years since she had such a severe dairy reaction, partially because we’ve been careful and partially because she seems to be outgrowing that allergy.

I got a prescription for liquid Zantac (which tastes really nasty and I have to bribe her to take), told to just keep giving the bendaryl, and a backup prescription for steroids in case they weren’t better by Monday (I hate to give the steroids because the benefits are minimal but there’s a potential for a lot of side effects. The doctor agreed with me).

Last night, they seemed to have all cleared up, so we figured the allergen had moved through her system. She was acting much more herself–she’s one of those kids who undergoes a personality change when she has a reaction like this. Very irritable, cranky, moody and downright ugly at times.

But now, this morning, she was complaining of her back itching and sure enough, she’s got hives all over her back, and as the morning (we’ve been up for 2 hours already) has progressed, they’ve spread to her legs and her groin/the crease of her thighs. Poor thing. I just am at a loss as to what’s causing this, since nothing is different in our house, our product use or what she’s eaten. The only thing I can come up with is that she’s possibly developed a new allergy.

Later today I’m going to go out and get some of the “allergy-free” detergent and wash several loads of her bedding and clothes for the next few days, to see if it’s possible that she’s developed a reaction to the detergent. But I’ll probably also make an appointment with her allergist, and see if we can get her in for new allergy testing since it’s been two years and it looks like we’re dealing with something new.

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