I know this is an odd post, but I thought it might potentially help someone else out there. Today when I was in Walmart, I was looking for a new laundry detergent for Brianna. I was going to go with Dreft because one of my blog commenters suggested it as the only detergent that doesn’t have phosphates/phosphorous which can also trigger allergies (though I suspect if Brianna was reacting to the detergent, it was the fragrance, because that’s the reason I can’t use powder detergents for myself!) But seriously, Dreft is OMG expensive so I started looking at the other brands available. As it turns out, almost all of “free” detergents (All Free, Tide Free and Clear, Simplicity Free, Gain and several others I saw) now are fragrance, dye and phosphate free. Indeed, the front of the bottles usually only mention fragrance and dye free, but looking at the small print on the back shows you that they’re also phosphate free. Good news because it allows more consumer choices and price comparisons!

For those of you who are environmentally conscious, you may also want to consider phosphate-free detergents (laundry, dishwashing, etc) as phosphates are considered to be very environmentally unfriendly.

Last, if you’re a little more adventurous, you could try making your own phosphate-free laundry detergent.

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