I don’t talk much politics on my blog, because it does have a connection to my work, but if you watch my “Shared Items” on my right sidebar, you’ll see that I link to posts on some political blogs I read. Straight up, I’ll be voting for Obama, so of course my political links will be slanted there.

But I decided to make an exception to my no-post rule this time, because I’m so happy to see an ad from one of the political parties that’s not a smear campaign (they’re both guilty of that though I do think McCain’s “Obama wants to teach sex education to kindergartners was the extra step too far). Instead, this is a statement of what Obama’s campaign platforms are, something easy to follow, for those who are still politically undecided or on the fence (or still able to be swayed to the dark side 😉 ).

Please don’t start a debate with me in the comments over anything I’ve posted here. I won’t engage here, sorry! (If you want to read a thread on Palin, there’s an interesting one going on over at Karen’s blog. I barely even engaged there. I just don’t like to get too political in “public”. Like I said, I’m making an exception.)

Last, no matter what party you might vote for, please research the candidates and then go out and vote on election day. This is your future, your children’s future, the issues are important for today, but for twenty years from today, and every vote does indeed count. You have the right to complain about the path the country is taking–but if you don’t vote, you’re putting the decision of who leads us down that path in someone else’s hands. Why would you do that?

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