I’ve been making lists of Samhain covers for some ads we’re going to be making. I asked this question first on the editors loop, they each gave me a list of around ten, and do you know, there were only something like 4 covers named twice? Everyone has such individual tastes, it fascinates me!

Since it’s Friday, and I have a pile(s) of stuff I’ve been gathering for giveaways, if you comment and tell me what your favorite Samhain cover(s) are, I’ll enter you into a random drawing for…something. Maybe something I brought back from Australia, or a book bundle (I have signed books!) or ARCs (I have TOR Arcs!) or something else I choose from my giveaway pile (it’s rather large right now). It will be a surprise! And I’ll open it to anyone in the world, but if you’re outside the US/Canada, I’ll send you ebooks as a prize. Contest ends Monday.

Oh, and be sure to look at the Coming Soon books and check out those covers. We’ve added some new cover artists in the past six months (three, I think) and they’re just as talented as all the others!

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