You might recall a previous post where I wrote about having bought a Wii Fit, despite the fact that I didn’t own a Wii, purely because I wanted a Wii Fit and they’re hard to find, so I got it “just in case”.

Apparently, Circuit City is reading my blog (not really) because a few days after that I got an email advertisement from the saying that they had Wiis in stock online. Wiiiiiii!

So, yeah. I bought one. Sue me. It was a good deal, I used my CC credit card which I’d overpaid on (by a fair amount) a few months ago, so part of the cost was already offset and the rest was at no interest so I can pay it off over a few months. Christmas! Birthdays! Just Because!

The Wii was delivered yesterday and last night, after Brianna went to bed and I had logged off the computer, I asked Josh to hook it up. Yeah, I could have done it, but trust me when I say that it was better to have him do it so he could do it exactly how he wanted 😉

My intention really was to just check it out, and I’m pretty sure Josh was on his way to bed when I popped in Wii Sports and decided to try bowling. I played one game and then he joined me. And we had a blast. 2 hours later, we’d played bowling, tennis, baseball (boring) and boxing. And our right shoulders hurt! Boxing especially is a lot of work.

So Josh kind of kicked my ass at bowling and tennis (we’re still really getting the hang of the whole tennis thing). But…BUT I kicked his ass all over the place at boxing. Oh yes I did. Three games, three KOs, baby. Wiiiii. Rocky’s got nothing on me.

Anyway, we had a really great time playing and ended up going to bed later than we wanted. I can’t wait to try again–and to get more games. One good thing is that Amazon Gold Box had some Wii games on sale yesterday, so we’ll have a few next week. I’ve been querying everyone I know on their favorite Wii games. My goal today is to check out Sam’s Club for some games (I think Josh and Brianna would love Mario Kart) and to keep haunting the deal sites for games on sale.

Oh, and of course, sometime this weekend I’ll be hooking up my Wii Fit. Wiiiiii!

In case anyone else is interested, my lovely friend Mandy M. Roth’s 14 y/o son gave me this link to a site that rates Wii games, and he said the ratings and the comments are both accurate and helpful. I’ve been checking it out while researching games!

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