That was the theme for today at my house. This morning I started on the reorganization of my kitchen. I had this brilliant idea that I wanted to swap the food pantry area and the pots/pans/tupperware area, because it seemed like they’d be best suited if they were swapped. My husband, of course, thought I was insane (pretty sure he still does) but just smiled and let me at it.

(I should just mention here that the Wii Fitness Age on Wii Sports told me I’m 67–causing Josh no end of amusement–and boy do I have some sore muscles to let me know that I am, apparently, 67. Whatever. So I felt all those muscles during reorganization).

In addition to swapping those cupboards around, which of course meant taking everything out of both cupboards, cleaning them out, tossing some stuff and then deciding how I wanted everything, I also ended up organizing the cupboard where we have the dishes/glasses. Those cupboards are much emptier now because I decided to pack some things away.

PLUS, my in-laws gave us two baker’s racks for the kitchen. We already had one in the kitchen, but we wanted these because they matched, and because one has a wine rack in the bottom. Given my recent obsession with buying wines during my travels, we were rather in desperate need of a wine rack. So we had to take out the furniture that was in the kitchen (a washstand with lots of drawers full of stuff), find room for it. And where does all the stuff we have to find room for come from? It multiplies!

So that project isn’t quite done because there’s still one baker’s rack to move into the kitchen and some further cleaning up/putting away of random stuff to be done. Don’t you hate it when you have things that you want to keep, but just don’t seem to fit anywhere?

In between the kitchen project, when I was taking mini-breaks (since I was feeling every bit of 67 in my back muscles) I decided to check out LibraryThing, which someone had suggested here in the comments when I mentioned that I couldn’t seem to use Now Reading anymore. They also suggested Shelfari but I’m still boycotting them for spamming me incessantly when they first opened.

I think LibraryThing will serve my needs, though won’t be quite as convenient as Now Reading. But if you look to the left sidebar, you’ll see I added three widgets from LibraryThing for Currently Reading, Recently Read, and TBR. I might end up deleting that TBR one since I usually decide on the fly what I’m going to read next.

I also rearranged the sidebar. I’m never quite sure what people are actually looking at on my sidebar, so I’m never sure what to keep. I know there are at least a few of you who look at the “Shared Items” on the left. And yes, I’m keeping the Kindle ad because people also click through that as well, according to my Amazon Associate stats! But I did delete, for now, the Twitter updates on the left sidebar, because I figure anyone who really wants to see what I’m saying on Twitter can follow me on Twitter (unless someone shouts out in the comments and objects).

Now it’s off to cook dinner and hope that Junior gets his lap back and moves to the front in the race in Dover!

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