Though I haven’t been doing a lot of sewing or crafting lately, and have a couple of projects that are halfway done needing to be finished, and some promised things to make, I still love to collect fabric. I adore fabric, and find the selection locally kind of depressing now that we’ve gone from three places that carried fabric to only one, in the space of a few months.

So I tend to buy a couple yards of fabrics I like when I find them, though rarely anything too expensive.

But now I’ve been introduced to Amy Butler’s newest fabric line, Daisy Chain. And I am in lust. Serious, total, absolute lust. I want some in every color. I want it to make purses and blankets and stuff. Lots and lots of stuff. Or just to put on my fabric shelves and admire.

I am, however, resisting. Now, on the other hand, you know my birthday was last month and if you’ve found yourself struck with guilt that you didn’t get me anything… Well, here’s your chance to chase that guilt away. Guilt, it’s a terrible thing. Rid yourself of it however you can.

(this post has no pictures because the Iimage browser plugin isn’t working. I give up!)

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