Since we’ve had any pictures of Brianna up here. She looked so cute when she went to daycare this morning that I had to snap a few pictures with my iPhone. She asked me to put her hair up in pigtails (she never does that) and was wearing a pair of cute crop jeans and a pink zip hoodie. She was darling. And I’m not biased.

Sorry for the questionable quality, but that’s the iPhone camera for you!

IMG_0215   IMG_0217  IMG_0214

That scarecrow is a little creepy, isn’t it? The way it seems to be watching her. We inherited that from my in-laws when they cleared out their house this month. Brianna loves it. Me, not so much. But in retaliation on my husband (who brought it home) I’ll be buying light up reindeer for the front yard this Christmas. Ha!

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