IMG_0836 I’ve been going through my pictures from my travels of the past few months. I’m going to be posting my family reunion pictures on Brianna’s blog, and my work photos here. San Francisco (RWA Nationals is first). I got there early since I was coming direct from my family reunion, and one of the first things we did was take a bus tour of wine country. We visited three wineries, but my favorite bottle of wine (which I’m now extremely ticked I didn’t buy) was one that I saw in a store after we stopped in Sedona for lunch. Seven Deadly Zins by Michael David Winery totally caught my eye because of the name, and when I turned it over and read the back label, I was completely enchanted. I can’t even remember now why I didn’t buy it.

IMG_0839 Schulenburg’s vines, grubby with GREED,
Embrace Lodi’s soil, to drink and to feed.
Oh Lord, forgive me my zin.
Secure in it’s strength, weathered with PRIDE,
Standing like soldiers, the forest of Snyde.
Oh Lord, forgive me my zin.
Hearts filled with LUST, ole Maley’s trees.
Court Lodi’s sun, and flirt with it’s breeze.
Oh Lord, forgive me my zin.
Good Bishofberger did raise some GLUTTONOUS beast,
Vines fattened like turkeys before Thanksgiving feast.
Oh Lord, forgive me my zin.
With the tilt of the glass, I commit seven zins,
Oh Lord, with your help… I’ll do it again.

Seven of Lodi’s best growers gave their souls and the first fruits of each of their old vine vineyards to contribute to the layered complexity of this fanciful blend. Soft, supple pepper and licorice-clove notes merge into a sinful marriage of deep, brambly blackberries and lustful cherries. The finish is clean on the palate with hints of rich vanilla, cocoa, and mild tannins.

Isn’t that fun? Visit their website to check out some of their other uniquely named wines, including 7 Heavenly Chards, 6th Sense Syrah, and Icognito Pink. I would totally order some if the freaking state of Maryland would allow alcohol to be shipped in. Bastards.

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