David Tennant to say farewell to Doctor Who

Waaaah! I never thought I’d like him as Doctor Who, but I really love him now and I’m going to miss him. It will be interesting to see who they get next.

We’ll see five more specials with him in them and then see a new Doctor in 2010.


You’re not leaving immediately – you’ve got another year for the specials. Can you tell us about that?

We’ve already shot the Christmas special for this year called The Next Doctor, which in the circumstances is perhaps a more intriguing title than it was before. We see the 10th Doctor meeting another Doctor.

And then in January we’ll film four more specials, which will be screened throughout next year, and they’ll be the four last stories that I do.

I don’t quite know when they’ll go out, but they’ll go out sometime throughout 2009.


For some reason, I’ve always wanted to create a Listmania list but never have. But recently I was asked (again) for some recommendations on writing books. Since I don’t use writing books, I don’t feel I’m necessarily the best person to ask, but then again, maybe I am. Because I’ve been asked so often, I kept a partial list of books I’ve either heard authors recommend or have directly asked them and had recommended. I got a wild hair today, after sending my response to the author who asked, and decided to create a Listmania list on Amazon, of the top books that have been recommended.

Please help me out by visiting the list, rating it and then also adding your recommendations in the comments below, so I can add to the list. I know there are some books that people really like, (like Bird by Bird) that aren’t on there, but I don’t hear them mentioned as often, so if you adamantly think something should be on there, please let me know.

Kneel, peasants

So I’ve finally given up and “hired” someone to write a better bio for me. Come on, admit it, you guys were getting tired of the superhero bio.

She sent me a list of questions (which, being the good editor I am, I didn’t look at until AFTER I’d sent her a list of information. Whoops.) One of the questions was if I had any notable awards, accomplishments or accolades.

I just want to know, do you think being named Baroness Buttertuche would be an appropriate award/accomplishment/accolade for my bio? It even comes with its own pretty graphic.

P.S. Even having someone else write my bio is still painful, because I have to think of stuff and make it sound important. This is HARD WORK.

Catching up

I’m back from NJRW. We got home late last night, but it was a fun weekend and I was glad to have Josh with me this weekend. It makes it easier to travel when I’m not always away from my family.

I got to have dinner with some Samhain authors, which I always love because I enjoy meeting the authors, hearing about their experiences, and letting them see that I’m not really mean or evil. Much.

I also got to have lunch with the lovely and talented Megan Frampton (pronounced Mee-gan–which I always mess up), the awesomely amazing (and hello, gorgeous) Liz Maverick and super-funny and entertaining Kwana. Hmmm, Kwana, you need to get your last name up on your blog so when you sell, people already recognize your name!

On Saturday, I was able to touch base with some editors and agents I’ve enjoyed meeting in the past, and then that afternoon I did an interview with the wonderful Marisa from RomanceNovelTV.com. Seriously, she made me feel extraordinarily special and interesting, and like she was just as happy to be interviewing me as she had been JR Ward (who she interviewed right before me). Super props to Marisa, because she’s got mad talents at her job. Oh, and for those wondering, I don’t know when you’ll be able to see the interview, but I’ll be sure to let you know!

Now that I’m back, I’ve spent most of the day organizing emails and answering emails. I still have another full day of that tomorrow. But I also did something for you guys today–I ordered two Kindles (thanks for the discount code, Oprah! (you can click the Kindle link to the left on my sidebar, and at checkout, enter code OPRAHWINFREY to get $50 off the Kindle). I know you’re wondering how that can be for you, but you’re going to have a chance to win them starting December 1st! Stay tuned for details on how to win one of the Kindles, or one of many other prizes I’m offering during the 12 Days of Christmas Contest.

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