The other day I stumbled across this blog/website and I ended up following one post to another and to another and…well it was all such interesting, fun and useful information, that I wanted to share it all here. But instead, I’ll tell you about my meandering around and let you head over and do the same!

It started with an article on washing/chopping herbs

which led me to this article on making homemade produce wash

but also led me to how to make a one-pot indoor herb garden as well as make ahead fresh herbs and butter as well as never pay for onions again

I moved on from there to 15 helpful household lemon aids, which opened up a wide variety of topics for me including homemade citrus vinegar cleaner, microwave cleaning tips, and uses for citrus peels plus candied lemon peel. Of course from that one page I ended up on pages for making homemade flavored lemon sugars (and then on to vanilla sugars) and then, from that same lemon aids article, I ended up on how to make waterproof matches and firestarters.

From there it was an article on 20 things you can use twice where I then learned the idea of using ketchup bottles as pancake dispensers.

And then…well, you get the idea. I haven’t even begun exploring. I dare you to go to and not end up doing the same thing as I did, opening tab after tab and trying to remember as many neat tips as possible! I know I’ve added this one to my RSS feed.

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