Don’t tell anyone, but today I spent my first day in Seattle holed up in my hotel room with room service, watching a good portion of the first seas of Chuck.

I will be leaving my room in a few hours, as I’m meeting with a local chapter (which is why I’m here early), but in the meantime, it’s been kind of nice loafing about. I even used my flight time for work (reading submissions) so I feel a little naughty taking a partial day to do not much of anything. I should have at least gone out to see the sites…a mall…something. But actually, I’m okay with this. Me and Chuck. He’s kind of cute. Don’t tell my husband. Plus, Adam Baldwin as the cold-blooded agent? Hello! I swear they typecast him from his Firefly days. It’s perfect!

So, yeah, traveling. Now you know.

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