Today I went with Brianna on a field trip to a local pumpkin patch. The truth is, we didn’t actually go to the pumpkins themselves. In our area, we have a lot of local produce stands that compete for business, and in the fall, one of the ways they do that is by providing fun activities for the kids that include corn mazes, straw mazes and other “fall” type activities. Brianna loves these places. We took her to a different one a few weeks ago. Of course, I think today’s trip was even better because she got to ago with all of her “daycare friends”.

Sadly, while I do have a few pictures to share, I don’t have many pictures that don’t have a bunch of other kids in them. Here’s why:

IMG_1462  You may need to click on the photo to see what’s happening clearly, but that is my daughter leading…one…two…three…four little boys around and around the maze. Let me just point out this maze was empty when she went in. As soon as she headed for it, though, these young men were hot on her heels. It was like this all day long. She was never without at least two of them by her side at all times. No less than three parents (of four boys) came up to me and told me that Brianna’s name is all they hear after daycare from their sons. That Brianna is their boys’ best friend. I didn’t have the heart to tell any of them that my daughter is not fickle and her best friend is Joseph, who hasn’t even attended the daycare in 6 months. But she does mention these little boys—though she also mentions Joseph every day (though she doesn’t see him). Apparently, my husband is going to be using his shotgun much earlier than we ever hoped. This is what the future holds for him 😉 Boys like her and she apparently likes boys.

IMG_1472-1A few other photos. This is my favorite picture of Brianna from the day because this is how she runs. Full tilt and always with her mouth open. It cracks me up. Granted, she’s normally screaming (shrieking) as she runs, but even when she’s making no noise, like in this photo, she still has that trapper wide open. Trying to get a taste of the local bugs, I guess.



And here she is proving she’s not afraid of anything, including jumping off the top of a hay bale. You can’t see him, but behind her is a little boy trembling with fear because it’s too high. He eventually slid down to the ground. Brianna ran back and did it a few more times. No fear.

This last one, just because she’s smiling so nicely.


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