IMG_1519-1 Can you believe she’s four today? I know some of you out there remember when she was still .5 (when I was pregnant). She’s so excited it’s her birthday, she can hardly stand it. We went to Walmart to pick up her Cinderella birthday cake to take to daycare, and she told everyone she saw it was her birthday. Tonight, we’re taking her to her second favorite place on the planet, Chuck E. Cheese (the first is Disney World or anywhere else Mickey Mouse might be) for pizza and games, and then she’ll open presents at home. This weekend she’ll get another birthday from her Mima and Poppy.

No really, I can’t believe she’s four.


Happy Birthday, sweet girl.


*side note: those of you who’ve been reading my blog these past four years will remember that I’ve written Brianna a letter every year on her birthday. I’m still doing that, I’ve just decided to move it to her blog.

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