I’m leaving town again. As it happens, I’m kind of exhausted because the toddler, she’s not sleeping so well and since only Mommy will do, that means neither am I. *yawn* But it’s time for the New Jersey conference, which is always loads of fun and where I always get to touch base with a ton of authors, editors and agents, so I’m looking forward to it. I have meals, drinks and interviews scheduled. I’m taking my husband with me, but since I’ll be so busy, I hope he enjoys the hotel room! Actually, I think we’ll both enjoy two nights of uninterrupted sleep while Brianna visits with her grandparents in New York. Two. Whole. Nights. Bliss!

If you’re going to be in New Jersey, you can find me at the PAN retreat giving a talk at 2pm on Friday. Or at my Everything Epublishing workshop at 4pm on Friday.

Saturday, I’ll be doing pitches and then on the editor panel, and you can always look for me wandering around the book fair. Please stop and say hi if you’re there.

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