For some reason, I’ve always wanted to create a Listmania list but never have. But recently I was asked (again) for some recommendations on writing books. Since I don’t use writing books, I don’t feel I’m necessarily the best person to ask, but then again, maybe I am. Because I’ve been asked so often, I kept a partial list of books I’ve either heard authors recommend or have directly asked them and had recommended. I got a wild hair today, after sending my response to the author who asked, and decided to create a Listmania list on Amazon, of the top books that have been recommended.

Please help me out by visiting the list, rating it and then also adding your recommendations in the comments below, so I can add to the list. I know there are some books that people really like, (like Bird by Bird) that aren’t on there, but I don’t hear them mentioned as often, so if you adamantly think something should be on there, please let me know.

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