Well, besides Obama 😛

Random.org chose (counting down since my comments don’t have numbers. I really need to fix that!) Lori Susan who said:

I just have to share my story… my 7 year old went with me and we did the electronic screen too so she placed her vote for Obama (under Mama’s watchful eye). So in the car after I told my daughter she placed a vote for the man who might be the first black US president. She was surprised and said she thought Abraham Lincoln was black. I asked her why she thought that and she said because all the boys named Ibrahim at her school are black.
God, I love having a kid!

Congratulations, Lori Susan, and thanks to everyone who entered by voting. I’m so proud of the turnout the country had this year. It was truly amazing!

Lori Susan, please email me at angie AT samhainpublishing.com and send me your full name and mailing address, so I can get your books shipped out to you. Please also tell me which two downloads you’d like from Samhain Publishing, and in what format.

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