Submissions lately have been looking kind of dismal, I’m sorry to say (now my authors are all panicked, thinking I’m saying their pending subs suck. Heh. Paranoia, I’m good at instilling it.) But really, what I’ve been reading from the slush pile hasn’t shown to have that magic combination: fun story, great storytelling, good grasp of the craft, engaging voice. Sure, I’m picky, but I know there are those authors out there. Won’t you pleeeassse find me? I know it’s not just me, the other editors have noted the same thing. Maybe people have been distracted by politics?

But anyway, I’d really like to see a few fabulous m/m romances. I still like paranormal. A red hot erotic romance to make the men in our lives happy, even. Fantasy, interracial, urban fantasy, steampunk, contemporary…send it to meeeee. In fact, if you have something wonderful, you can even send it directly to me. I want it.

I am actually one of those editors who enjoys reading from the slush pile, because I love opening a submission from an author I don’t know and discovering fabulous talent. It’s probably one of my favorite parts of my job, if not my favorite. I adore new authors, there’s something fresh and exciting about them, because they haven’t had time to gain that weary cynicism some of us in the industry get after awhile.

So anyway, Christmas is coming up, and wouldn’t it be awesome if you gave me a present that I would actually have to pay YOU for? I don’t really need much, I’m not into delayed gratification so I buy myself the things I want (some might call me spoiled but really…I am), so if you were wondering just what to give me for Christmas, wondering what that perfect gift for Angela James would be (you knew you were), why not think about a submission. Fabulous, fun, sexy (or not), gripping, thrilling, wonderful, can’t-put-it-down submission. I don’t ask for much!

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