But, man, was I ever glad to hear her son whining yesterday. No seriously. See, Brianna has hit this age where I rarely ever get spoken to in a normal tone of voice. It’s all whine. About everything. Even socks, for pete’s sake! Drives me batty. And the tantrums? Oy. I was starting to think that I was doing some really awful parenting and ruining my child.

Thank God I heard Jennifer’s son (who’s only slightly older than Brianna) whining yesterday. Not just once but several times. I know Jennifer and I know for a fact she’s not doing any awful parenting (and she was amazingly patient with the whining. Did I mention I was happy to hear the whining?) so that makes me realize–it must be the age! They whine. It’s what they do.

And if you somehow happen to have a 3 to 4 year old who doesn’t whine, keep it to yourself, k? Nobody wants to hear it (okay, at least *I* don’t want to hear it. No bursting of my bubble, dammit!)

Um. Thanks, Jennifer. I “heart” you 😉

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