This week, Brianna was “star of the week” at daycare. This is a big deal for her because every day they do a special activity centering on the star of the week. I’m sure you can imagine how much she enjoys being the center of attention. For Thursday, the parents were instructed to write something about their star. A poem, a letter, a story, etc. I decided to write a story, since I figured it would be more entertaining for the other kids than some mushy letter.

In the process, I discovered my own internal editor still works, and that the advice of “write it and then set it aside” is good advice (I already knew that, but still). I wrote it last night and when I woke up this morning, I’d thought of at least three things I wanted to change/adapt to make it more Brianna and more applicable to the activity. I’ll bet if I’d had a week I could have really made it “shine”. Heh.

But without further ado, Brianna’s story is after the jump. I promise, I won’t quit my day job.

Brianna Mary: A star in the sky

Once upon a time there was a star in the sky named Brianna Mary. Brianna loved being a star and shining on all the people who looked up at her. Sometimes, when all the people were asleep and there wasn’t anything else to do, she would practice counting to 100. Besides counting and sounding out words and letter sounds, she had a lot of fun talking to the other stars and telling them all about what she’d done that night (since stars sleep during the day). The other stars liked talking to her and being her friend, because she was fun and told funny jokes. Brianna also really loved to sing, and would ask the other stars to sing songs like “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” and “Supercalifragilistic” with her.

But sometimes, Brianna Mary wished she could be a little girl, because being a little girl looked like fun. One night, Brianna wished on another star who was racing through the sky (you would call it a shooting star but really it’s a star running on the star playground). Brianna squeezed her eyes tight together and wished with all her starry heart, “Please let me be a little girl”.

The next evening, around 7pm, the sun was just setting. It was still too early for the stars to be awake but…Brianna woke up! And discovered she was a little girl! Her wish had come true! She scrunched up her face and screamed with joy. To her new mommy and daddy, it didn’t sound like anything but screaming, but Brianna was saying, “Whoo hoo! I’m a little girl! Yayyy! Hi, Mommy! Hi, Daddy! How about them apples?”

At first, it was hard to be a little girl because Brianna had to start out as a baby and there wasn’t much she could do. But she still liked singing—only this time it was listening to her mommy sing, “You are my sunshine”. And being a baby was kind of nice because people always talked to her, and cuddled her and rocked her.

As she got older, she got to try new things, like crawling and then walking with her new legs. Legs! Stars didn’t have legs. And she got to eat, another thing stars didn’t get to do. At first, it was only milk from her mommy, but then it was cereal and mushed up fruits and smashed up vegetables. Later, she learned that spaghetti and meatballs was her favorite food ever. With chocolate milk. Yum!

After she got used to her legs and walking, she learned to run. And one of her favorite things to do with her legs was play soccer. Every week her daddy would take her to soccer and they would play, learning to dribble and back heel and scrimmage. What fun! After that, they would play outside with her puppies, and get dirty, and then she would get to take a tubby. She LOVED taking a tubby!

With her new arms, Brianna Mary got to play with her toys: her camera, and legos, her train table and doll house. And she got to carry around her stuffed Rudolph. She took him everywhere! With her new body she got to play dress up and do fun things like go fishing with her grandpa, roller skating with her uncle Jeff and uncle Adam, go shopping with her Mima, and ride in Poppy’s truck. She also got to visit exciting places like Disney World and see Mickey and Minnie Mouse!

Some of Brianna’s other favorite things still included singing and counting, but now she discovered that she also loved it when her mommy and daddy read her books. She knew some day very soon she was going to be able to read books to herself. And she loved going to daycare and learning new things, using her new legs and body to play on the playground and run away when Dalton and Tynen would chase her and Jada and Audrey. That was so much fun! Other times she would climb and slide with some of her other friends, like Gian Fi and Alec. All of the other kids would play and chase with her sometimes too. There were so many friends to play with at daycare!

Brianna’s mommy and daddy could tell that she used to be a star in the sky, because she still showed star behavior. She was friendly and silly, she giggled a lot and she tried to listen. She was nice to other people and she loved to talk to them and tell them about her day. Sometimes, Brianna forgot to follow the rules and listen and she would get in trouble. It had been a long time since she’d been a star in the sky so she’d forgotten how to show her star behavior all the time. But that wasn’t very often, and she knew she shouldn’t say “no” to her mommy and daddy, or Miss Peggy, Miss Rosemary and Miss Tanya so she tried hard to be good and follow the rules.

Brianna had been a good star, but she was an excellent little girl, with her friendly smile and bright blue eyes. People liked her and wanted to be her friend, because she was charming and fun. But no one loved her as much as her mommy and daddy, who loved her snuggles, and how she would munch on her mommy’s neck and tickle her daddy’s belly, and they especially loved it when she said, “I love you”. They were so very glad that she’d been sent from the starry sky to be their little girl because she made them happy. They loved her very, very much.

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