My husband jokes about it and I pretend to be offended, but it’s true. I have a black thumb. This is particularly sad to me because I really love plants and having plants in the house. This summer I grew a boatload of herbs, but it took both of us to keep most of them alive. Because I have a black thumb.

But I really loved having fresh herbs, and while our winters are mild enough that some of the herbs will winter fine, I decided I wanted a few indoors. So a few weeks ago when we were in Williamsburg, VA, one of the colonial places was selling the most gorgeous chive plants ever. I picked up one of those and a small rosemary plant, the two fresh herbs I’ve found myself using most in cooking (the other two would be basil and oregano, but I haven’t had a chance to get any going indoors yet).

Now, chives are purportedly one of the easiest herbs to grow, being very forgiving. But I’ll be damned if my chive plant hasn’t started dying. It was this lovely green bushy thing just two weeks ago, and now it’s got all sorts of yellowing and dying leaves all over the place. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong because honestly, I haven’t done that much to it! I’ve tried a few different places in the house, I’ve made sure it has water, but isn’t overwatered and other than that, I’ve left it alone. Waaah!

I did buy a grow light, so I can move the herbs upstairs to the baker’s rack set aside for the purpose of growing plants. But since that baker’s rack is currently totally occupied by prizes for the Holiday Hell contest (see, when I say I’m ready to get them out of here, I mean it!) there’s no room for my grow light or my herbs.

I sure do hope that my chives don’t die in the meantime. Black thumb of plant death. Hmph.

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