Kindle ad WEB done This holiday season, I have teamed up with 38 of the authors whose work I have edited over the past three years. Together, we’ve accumulated a heck of a lot of prizes to give away to all of you. They include:

Gift certificates to online stores
Laptop bag
Australian gift pack
Vera Bradley purse
Fun promotional items (like the now infamous Samhain coffee mugs)
…and more! (and did I mention books?)

Every day from now to December 12th, I’ll be posting a new contest on my blog to win that day’s prize. Your entry is only good for that day. To win the prize for any other day, you’ll need to come back and enter again.

The grand prize at the end of the 12 days of Holiday Hell Contest is two Kindles, to be awarded to two lucky winners who have entered the Kindle drawings (which are seperate from the daily drawings. Entry into the daily drawings does not enter you into the Kindle drawings).

How do you enter the Kindle drawings? Easy (okay, really it does take a little work). Go to each of these two pages: Kindle 1 & Kindle 2 and follow the rules.

**I have verified that all icons are up and on the authors’ websites, so if you can’t find one, look again!

You’re going to have to visit 17 author websites for each Kindle, find the Kindle graphic and write down the name of the book featured on their graphic. Come back here and fill out the form completely. Actually, that is pretty easy when the grand prize is a Kindle. Two Kindles! In addition to winning the Kindle, you’ll win your choice of one Samhain ebook in Kindle format from each of the 38 authors participating in the contest for a total of 38 books for your new Kindle!

The fine print: You can win one of the daily Holiday Hell prizes and still be eligible to win the Kindle. You must complete the entry form for each daily contest entirely, double checking that your name and mailing address are correct because this is what I’ll use to mail your prize. If your prize comes back to me due to an incorrect mailing address, you forfeit your prize. Prize winners will be drawn before the end of each day following the contest (ie Day 1’s prize winner will be drawn before the end of Day 2) and will be announced on my blog. Kindle winners will be drawn and announced here on December 13th. All prizes will be mailed by December 20th.

Only one entry into each drawing per household/IP address. Duplicate entries will be deleted and entrants will be disqualified.

International entries are welcome and I will mail overseas, but will not guarantee receipt by Christmas as it will go by dolphin due to the obscene cost of shipping overseas.

I reserve the right to modify the rules at any time.

**I have verified that all icons are up and on the authors’ websites, so if you can’t find one, look again!

ETA: I have ALREADY disqualified and deleted two entries because they were not filled out with the cover titles, but with random things. Please realize, any entry I draw as the winner will first be double-checked for accuracy, so all you do by not following the contest rules is to prevent yourself from having any chance of winning at all.

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