Hm. That sounded vaguely naughty. But it’s really not!

Maybe your loved ones were looking for that perfect holiday gift for you and you just couldn’t think what you might want. But how about a 3 chapter and synopsis critique from me?

You can win one here and help support a member of the romance community all at the same time.

This summer, author Jo Leigh’s husband died after a battle with cancer. They had no medical insurance and Jo was left with a lot of medical bills, on top of the devestating loss of her husband. To help her out authors, editors, agents and other members of the romance community have offered donations to be put up for auction. The proceeds will go to help Jo offset a small portion of her medical debt.

For more information on this auction, please visit Stephanie Tyler here.

To see a list of all the items auctioned (there’s a lot of really great stuff here, folks!) please go to Alison Kent’s website here and look around. I have my eye on that signed set of S.L. Viehl books up for auction so if you’re the one outbidding me, keep going 😉

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