While I and some of the authors I work with are doing this contest here on my blog, there are several other Samhain Publishing contests running as well. In addition to the contests, our amazing marketing director, Lisa Amrine, organized over 30 authors into writing and providing a free short story for every day in December, all downloadable in PDF format. So not only do you have the chance to win a whole lot of stuff, but you get something every day for doing absolutely nothing except showing up to the website!

Some people might wonder why we’re doing so many contests and giveaways, but the plain truth is it’s because we love our existing customers, who’ve been so supportive and enthusiastic about Samhain, our books and our authors, and because we believe in our product enough that we want to give anyone who’s unfamiliar with us a chance to check us out and maybe get a little reward for doing it.

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Samhain Winner Wonderland

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