Today, my computer crashed. The computer that’s like another extension of my body. I knew it wasn’t doing well (even though it’s only a year and a half old) and honestly, the darn thing has never worked right. I reformatted it once about 9 months ago. But twice in one hour it just…turned off. No warning, no shut down process just…off. It had been doing that randomly the past few weeks, but usually when I stepped away from the computer.Today, I got the lovely experience of it happening while I was working–and losing the most immediate work.

Thankfully, I do have an auto back up system because I use Carbonite, and I was able to start it in safe mode and pull my recent files off it but still. The good news is I always buy the extended warranty (and I’ve always had cause to use it, so I think it’s well worth the extra money) but the bad news is I have to send it in and they’ll have it for about 2 weeks. That means I spend the next 2 weeks even more disorganized and scattered than ever before. Yay me!

As a PSA, I can’t tell you how strongly I believe everyone should have a backup of their computer at all times. What do you have on your computer that you would miss if it stopped working and you couldn’t recover any information? Baby pictures? Manuscripts? Ebooks and music? Favorite recipes? I had that happen once, when Brianna was a baby, and we lost about 3 months worth of baby pictures. I still wonder what pictures were there that we won’t see ever again, what smiles are gone. And the videos! So please, invest in a back up hard drive, enroll in a service like Carbonite, but do yourself a huge favor and back up all your files!

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