Reading all the comments about all the wonderful things you did for the people in your life yesterday really made me smile. I unexpectedly received a wonderful compliment from an author (in a totally unrelated happenstance) yesterday, and I can tell you it made my week. I hope you’ll all remember the awesome feeling of making someone else smile and try not to wait too long (or for a contest) to do it again!

The winner of the Day 10 prize pack is Aliviah who said:

I run an RPG Harry Potter site. (haha I know, major dork here) But you meet people from around the world and have fun. xD

Today I brightened up my members day by posting a large comment for them to read about how much they rock, which they do. lol They get a kick when the moderators show appreciation to them for being awesome. 🙂

Congratulations, Aliviah!

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