I’ve been thinking about making a rum cake for a week. Today, I stayed on task and got my work done “early” (by 6pm) so I decided to reward myself and make a cake. I used Pioneer Woman’s cake mix recipe, because I’m lazy and didn’t want to make the cake from scratch like my friend Kris does. The hardest part was the glazing, which took forever because I had to let it soak in and then add more. And I made a gigantic mess doing it. But I love rum cake so I didn’t care. I was looking forward to the end result. I left it on the counter to cool and when I came back to check on it…

…I discovered my dog (Reese), front paws up on the counter, in the process of devouring it! He ate HALF the cake. Half. I screamed. I almost cried.

I was able to salvage about half the cake by cutting off the portion he’d eaten from but I’m still just…if this had happened earlier in the week, pretty sure I’d have crumpled into a ball and sobbed. As it is, my sense of humor has mostly reasserted itself and I can see the humor in it. Even if I do keep giving the dog the evil eye and thinking ugly thoughts about him. Anyone want a half-beagle, food-motivated dog? I’ll ship him to you.

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