Right now, the odds on winning the second Kindle are better than winning the first. We’ve had a lot more entries for the first Kindle, for whatever reason.

Despite the emails I’ve gotten from people saying they couldn’t find an icon (and just about every author has been named, so it seems different people have problems with different ones), the sheer number of completed and correct entries assures me that they’re all there and able to be found. And one of the authors went and found all of them, for both contests, in an hour, with no help, so I’m doubly assured they’re all able to be found.

The contest will close midnight December 12th Eastern time (I will delete any entries that come in after that, if for some reason I don’t get the forms down at that time), which is just two days from now, so don’t wait much longer to get your entries in. I’ll post the winners on the 13th. Once I post the winners, I’ll be emailing you to ask you to pick which Samhain book from each of the 38 authors you want me to load on your Kindle, so you might want to think about that…just in case you win!

I’ll be mailing the Kindles and all the prizes out next week, once I have all the responses and addresses in place, so the sooner you get back to me, the sooner everyone gets their prize (I’m only taking ONE trip to the post office during this holiday season, lol!)

Good luck!

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