Sorry, I actually started to do this this morning but we started picking up the house. Then watching an episode of Firefly on Blu Ray (my husband has never seen it before and I’m always happy to watch it again). And then we had to get dressed and go to the mall, where we spent 2 hours getting Brianna’s pictures taken for my MIL (long story and really painful experience. Ugh). And then we spent another hour in line so Brianna could see Santa. Gah! No more mall, please. But at least I’m getting it done before I leave for date night with my husband. He suggested it would be okay if I waited until tomorrow. Heh.

So anyway, Day 12. Thanks for all the wonderful things you guys said about the contest. I do have to admit, I’m kind of glad it’s over. Not the least because I can get all these boxes out of my bedroom! I feel for my mailman because I’m doing home pick up. For almost 20 boxes. Poor guy. On the good side, I do give him a gift card every year for Christmas (this year it’s to Famous Dave’s) and cold gatorade on hot days in the summer. So it’s not like I’m the WORST customer on his route. I don’t think.

The Day 12 winner is Maureen who said:

It’s been fun to see what prizes you’ve offered each day, of course. But it’s also been great to just think about the answers to all the different and unique questions you’ve asked and seeing what others thought too.

Maureen, please use the contact form to get me your full name and mailing address as soon as possible. If I don’t hear from you by Tuesday at 5pm Eastern, I’ll redraw for a new winner.

I know you’re all waiting for this part. The Kindles. After I disqualified a few people who entered multiple times (one person for entering five times, all on different days, and another for entering once the first day with a very incomplete form and then entering again at a later date. Sorry, your first entry is it!) we ended up with 612 entries for the first Kindle! The first winner I actually picked was also disqualified because they had random answers instead of the correct ones (kind of defeats the purpose!). So, without any further ado, the winner of the first Kindle is…

Pam P. in Stamford, CT! Congratulations, Pam. Please contact me as soon as possible with a list of what Samhain book you’d like from each of the 38 authors I’ve listed below. I’ll load them onto your new Kindle before I mail it later this week.

The second Kindle had fewer entries and multiple entries. 496 people tried their hand at this one. The winner of the second Kindle is Julie S. from Lee’s Court, MO. Julie, you also need to contact me with the list of books you’d like.

Congratulations to both of you! Please contact me by Tuesday, 5pm Eastern to get me your list of books or I’ll ship your Kindle without the books and you forfeit that part of the prize.

Thank you to everyone who entered. I really wish I could have given everyone some sort of prize and introduced you to how wonderful it is to have an ereader. I wish for you all to find one under the Christmas Tree!

I hope to see some of you coming back to read and comment on my blog, even now that there’s no prize to be had for doing so 😛 Of course, if you need some short term incentive, I’ll be posting a link to a guest blog on Monday, where I’ll be giving away a prize pack. I’ll also be doing one more giveaway sometime soon to give away one last prize pack I had assembled (why, yes, I did have a lot of books and things I acquired for giveaway!)

A special thanks to these authors for contributing money towards the purchase of the Kindle. It is these 38 authors who purchased the two Kindles for the contests. Without them, there would have been no Holiday Hell contest. I hope you’ll go back and check their websites out, look up their books (from Samhain and other publishers), read the excerpts and spread the word if you enjoy them. An author’s career is made on word of mouth.

Alexis Fleming
BH Dark
Dana Marie Bell
Evangeline Anderson
Gia Dawn
Jaycee Clark
JB McDonald
Katrina Strauss
Lauren Dane
Leah Braemel
Lorelei James
Lynne Maris
Mandy Roth
Michelle Pillow
TK Winters
Sasha White
Shannon Stacey
Taryn Blackthorne
Vanessa Jayne
Ashleigh Raine
Bianca D’Arc
Deidre Knight
Eve Vaughn
Jaci Burton
Jayne Rylon
Kate Davies
Kaye Chambers
Nicolette Derens
Lena Matthews
Lynne Connolly
Mackenzie McKade
Maria Zannini
Nicole Austin
Paige McKellan
Sela Carsen
Sloan McBride
Ursula Bauer
Lyn Cash/Bobbie Cole

Last, if you’ve stuck around this long, I’d love to hear in the comments if the contest convinced you to buy books from any of these authors.

Thanks again to everyone who’s participated in the last two weeks’ of contests. As much as I’m glad it’s over, I’m going to miss the fun answers to all the questions and the hopping activity on my blog. You guys have been so much fun. I hope you all make yourselves a very happy, amazing holiday season.


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