I broke our agreement and bought you Christmas presents. Even though I told you I didn’t need anything, I know you’ll buy something anyway. And I know you think I’m hard to shop for (I probably am) since I get most of the things I want (but there’s always SOMETHING out there I don’t have). But because I love you, I’m going to take pity on you and show you some of the things I still don’t have. See how kind and generous I am?

An ebook reader um, yeah. I guess I have 3. Never mind.

Black knee boots I guess that won’t work either since we just bought a pair in black and in brown. Um…

A Wii Yeah, bought that this summer.

Wii Fit ditto. Hm. I see your dilemma.

Okay, no really, there is still stuff I haven’t bought for myself. Stop laughing!

First, I would like one of these mugs. Yeah, I won’t hold my breath on that one.

But I do want a fitted Minnesota Vikings jersey (I think you know me well enough to know I don’t want yellow).

I like this shirt on Etsy (probably a size large).

And I have lust for these purses on Etsy, especially this one.

This scarf is super striking and look! It has a matching shirt. And scarves are totally my thing right now!

Some black Ed Hardy shoes in size 8, thanks 😉

Hm. Maybe I should move on from the clothes section of my wishlist…

I’d love to have a Kitchen-Aid mixer. I just KNOW I’ll find one of those under the tree! But if I had to choose just one thing, I’d choose that. Even if it did mean I’d have to find room for it on the kitchen counters.

I’ve been wanting a new gold bracelet to replace the ones that broke. Something simple that I could wear every day (though I guess I wouldn’t send back a fancy one either 😉 )

Oh, and a new bread knife to replace the one you used to cut styrofoam for the car seats with. We need one of those!

But really, I already said you don’t need to get me anything (and you don’t) because I’m pretty spoiled as it is. We could save our money and buy a TV for the bedroom!

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