Car seat covers for Christmas. Josh and I have been car shopping since last February (the first time his car broke down). We were a single car family for about three weeks, which was a lot of fun, let me tell you, since he works 40 miles from home. We shopped around for cars, but that was before the real economic crunch and none of the dealerships actually wanted "deal" on the price of a car. We didn’t want to buy a car just to buy a car, and eventually Josh got his fixed, so we decided to wait. In the months since, we’ve seriously talked about buying a car a few times, both of us have really wanted a Mini-Cooper, but it’s hard to take on a car payment when you’re used to not having one. No matter how many we looked at or how often we talked about it, we just weren’t feeling impulsive enough to do it.

This summer, his parents left their Miata with us for a few weeks and I had a great time zipping around in it, a little red convertible. I told Josh I wanted one. Hey, some gentleman at the grocery store even told me I looked cute driving it. Dude. It was meant to be (me owning a Miata, not me being with the guy, breathe, honey).

So fast forward to about 2 months ago and Josh goes to this neighborhood to pick something up and sees…a Miata for sale. Must be fate, right? But did I mention that we’re seriously not impulse buyers? We went and looked at it a few times, waffled and just never pulled the trigger. Then Josh’s car broke down twice in one week. Did I mention he works about 40 miles from home? Yeah. So eventually, after a lot of discussion, last week, we bought the Miata. Yes, it was still for sale, which is both amazing and not. Not, because of the economy, but it is because it was a killer deal. Really. It’s a fully loaded ’94 black Miata, which has been owned by one owner and very, very well-maintained. And it has a new engine. And we got it for an awesome price. No, not a very good family car, but you know…I’ll look damn good driving it, and that’s all that counts, right? Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the reason I should have asked for car seat covers for Christmas is because it has leather seats, which I’m not a big fan of, especially in the summer (and in a convertible) because they get really stinkin’ hot, plus my legs and other exposed skin sticks to them. And they don’t warm up too quickly in the winter either. So…car seat covers.

I haven’t gotten to drive it yet, because we just got it last week and it still has to be inspected and titled. But in the meantime, I’ve been thinking about getting vanity plates. But I’m not sure what I’d want. That’s where the contest comes in. Give me some ideas of things I could put on my new vanity plates* and I’ll draw one winner at random, sometime after Christmas to win…something. I haven’t decided yet. It won’t be a huge prize but it won’t suck either.

*Vanity plates can have up to seven characters/spaces, so be sure your idea fits those requirements!


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