Thanks to everyone who entered. I got some great ideas for future posts for both here on my own blog, and future RtB posts. As it turns out, I think I’m not actually going to use any of your suggestions this time because while I was editing yesterday, I thought of one of my own (kind of funny, after I went to all that trouble to get suggestions!) But it seems like I’ve picked up a lot of new readers recently, and there are some topics you’re really curious to hear my opinion on, so I’ll be posting on some of your ideas soon.

In the meantime, picked me a number and the winner is Tiffany who said:

SUGGESTED_RTB_TOPICS: Which to do prefer the alpha man or the more subdued man?
What makes a book a great romance story?

Congratulations, Tiffany! You don’t need to do anything, the books will appear in PDF format in your inbox shortly.

Thanks again, everyone!

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