I saw this on a friend’s Facebook account and since I have a Zune 30, I checked it out. Seems that sometime around midnight last night, all Zune 30 players froze and stopped working. Anyone currently in possession of a Zune 30 is in possession of a non-operable mp3 player at the moment. I turned mine on and, sure enough, like every other Zune 30 owner, it’s frozen on the loading screen. Good work, Microsoft.

On the Zune support page is this message:


Customers with 30gb Zune devices may experience issues when booting their Zune hardware. We’re aware of the problem and are working to correct it. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for your patience!

Oops. Kind of an expensive piece of equipment to have a problem like this, no?

There’s an article here

And here

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