We had scheduled a babysitter last night, but yesterday morning we decided to cancel the babysitter and stay home with Brianna. What’s really funny about this is that Brianna was DEVASTATED that we were staying home. I’m talking full-blown wailing when she found out the babysitter wasn’t coming. She, um, really likes the babysitter!

But it was so cold and windy here, and we’ve been spoiled by almost 60 to 70 degree days the past week, so I was glad that we decided to stay home. We ordered pizza and played Rock Band until about 11:45pm. Then Josh and I went up to bed and watched Dick Clark ring in the new year. Which made me sad, because Dick Clark is one of those people who are eternally young in my mind and he is so…not.

So we were in bed and asleep by about 12:30 and you know what? It was a great New Year’s Eve. I had a lot of fun and as Josh said to me at one point, “I was with my favorite person”. Perfect.

I hope you all had a safe and enjoyable night, and have a fulfilling year in 2009!

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