You might think I’d forgotten, but I didn’t. I said I’d name a winner for the license plate contest sometime after Christmas so here we are…

I really enjoyed reading the suggestions. I have to admit that my favorite was actually Shannon Stacey’s of KDNTRNK (Kid in trunk) since it’s a two seater and there’s three of us. It made me laugh but my husband was quick to nix it, darn it! He and I both had had the thought of EVLEDTR and that was a popular recommendation in the comments. But I also like Kristen’s suggestion of HOTWHLS and Stephanie’s of HOTMOM. Actually, I like a lot of them so I’ll stop listing now. I haven’t decided yet. If I can’t have KDNTRNK I’m just not sure I want any ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyhow, the winner’s prize is their choice of one of these books: Undercover by Lauren Dane, Wicked Burn
by Beth Kery or Riding Temptation by Jaci Burton. All are recommended reading! If the winner is international, the prize will be in ebook format. U.S. winners will get a print copy delivered from Amazon.

The winner is:

ยป Dena said: | Edit { Dec 25, 2008 – 05:12:40 }

My first thought was EVLEDTR too. So another one is YOUWISH

Dena, please contact me using the contact form, give me either your mailing address and book preference or, if you’re international, your book preference and I’ll gift the book to you via Fictionwise. Congratulations and thanks again to all of you who left comments and suggestions.

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