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If you’re interested at all in ebook technology and ebooks, you must go read this blog post by Kassia Kroszer at Booksquare. Kassia is another of those frighteningly intelligent and savvy people who intimidate me (I mentioned a few others here). This post made me want to kiss her square on the mouth, but instead I’ll wait and just buy her a drink in February when we meet up at the O’Reilly Tools of Change conference where we’re doing a panel together (more on that later).

JMC is looking for recommendations for sweet m/m romances. Samhain has some, but with the number of people who say they can’t find sweet m/m romances, it makes me wonder what we can do to make them more obvious.

Karen has information about a fundraiser for Sharon Cullars. More on her situation here.

Dear Author is giving away a Sony Reader. A red one! But there’s work involved, so don’t even follow the link if you’re one of those people who complained about contests that ask you to work for the prize. Not that I’m bitter 😉

Smart Bitches are giving away 10 ARCs of their upcoming book, which I blogged about here. You could win one but the catch is that you have to promise to read it (not just enter to win it for the sake of winning). ‘

Keishon is hosting her TBR challenge again this year, and she makes it very easy to participate. This is the one I did last year and managed to stick with it!

And there was one more link that I wanted to share and I’ll be darned if I can think of it. I hate it when that happens! Do you have a link you want to share?

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