Big hat tip to lys, I’m stealing this link from her blog.

923_largeYou must check out these tooled leather Kindle covers. Tell me they’re not gorgeous and that you don’t covet one. I know I do. Specifically this one, the Sky Dragon.

I do have to admit, my one concern about these is that because they’re leather, they wouldn’t be as comfortable for use. Right now, I don’t use the standard Kindle cover, I use an M-Edge. Which is also leather, but a pliable leather that I can fold all the way back, creating a kind of ridge to the side that I can hold on to, rather than having to keep it open like a book.

On the other hand, how beautiful are these covers and how great would it look to slip your Kindle into one of these? I would totally have asked for one for Christmas if I’d seen them last month!

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