Do you attend conferences? If so, which ones? Right now, I’m setting my schedule for 2009 and these are the conferences I’ll be at:

February: O’Reilly Tools of Change in NYC
April: Romantic Times in Orlando
June: Lori Foster in Ohio
July: RWA Nationals in Washington D.C.
October: Novelists, Inc in St. Louis
October: NJRW in New Jersey

So far this year, my travel schedule isn’t as busy as 2008 and I haven’t gotten as many invitations to regional events, though it’s still early in 2009 and those often come later. In addition to those conferences, I’m also going to be speaking for two local chapters, but that’s it! I am sending another editor, Lindsey McGurk, to a conference in Denver in May.

Anyway, I’ve been giving a workshop on epublishing in general but specifically on how to research publishers. Since I’ve given that workshop at NJRW, I’d like to come up with something new. Do any of you have any suggestions for topics for workshops that you’d attend if it was offered? I want to stick with epublishing, since it’s what I know, but it can be a bit broader as well.

Oh, and if you’re going to be at any of those conferences, please look me up and say hi!

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