Okay, I’m not really, but as some of you know, I’m lucky enough to have the ability to explore the different ereader options, thanks to my job. Samhain got me a Sony 505 and a Kindle this summer to take to conferences. I had been using an Ebookwise, so I have previous experience with that (and actually, continued to use the Ebookwise for a good two months after I got both the other ereaders). I’ve also got an iPhone so I can try out the reader programs on that.

I have been using the Kindle almost exclusively, because the wireless makes it incredibly convenient for me to just send my submissions and ARCs right to it. But I’ve been increasingly unhappy with the file management options on the Kindle, which only allows you to sort by title, author and date of most recent accessed/added. This is fine if your metadata has good information in it so the Kindle actually has a usable title/author. But forwarding submissions and ARCs, I find myself with all sorts of file names, wondering what it is, and if it’s a pleasure book or a work book, who the author is, and other general details.

Jane and Keishon have both been talking about Calibre (on blogs and on Twitter) so I decided to bring out the Sony Reader and see how it all went.

So far, I’ve been using it for two days and I have to say I’m very happy with both Calibre (easy to use) and with the Sony’s file management. Granted, it is definitely not as convenient getting my books onto the Sony as it is with wireless, but it’s not difficult and I love that I’m now able to sort my books into categories–most especially sort the submissions into a submissions collection as well as the ARCs into a collection. Depending on how I tag the book, I can sort by genre, publisher, ARC, submission and I suppose, if I wanted, length.

Reading on the two is not hugely different as far as I can tell. I’m using the older Sony (the second model), not the touch screen, so now I would dearly love to get my hands on one of those to try out the touchscreen and built in reading light, but the 505 works very well for anyone considering one of those. It is a little different for me, getting used to the smaller page turn buttons than the Kindle, but on the plus side, I don’t have to worry about bumping those page turn buttons which I was ALWAYS doing with the Kindle. I do notice that the Sony’s screen is a little more yellowish than the Kindle, the refresh is marginally slower, and it takes a little longer to start up a book, but none of those is so different that I find myself irritated by it and I mostly noticed it for the sake of providing a comparison here.

But certainly the Sony is smaller and more sexy than the Kindle in design! I like that.

For now, I’m going to keep using the Sony and see how much I really miss the wireless option, or if giving that up is a good trade for me for the better file management (which Sony wins hands down over Kindle). I think the true test may be when I’m traveling and don’t have as easy access to a computer to upload the books. And maybe eventually I’ll get to try a newer Sony and see if it rocks my world in comparison!

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