This is the first weekend in awhile that we haven’t had some sort of plan to get things done, either errands or around the house. Don’t tell my husband, because he’ll find something 😉 I do have dinner tonight with some friends but other than that, I’m feeling especially lazy and unmotivated. Which is actually me every weekend but still… (shuddup, you know who).

So weekends. Weekends are hard for me because I want to do things on the computer (like catch up on blog reading) but at the same time, I don’t. See, I have this problem where if people see me on the computer: on my blog, on someone else’s blog, twitter, facebook, Romance Divas, whatever, they think I’m at work and should be meeting their demands (sending edits, answering emails, thinking about their problems, whatever they may be). I don’t know how often I can stress that just because I’m online doesn’t mean I’m working. And seeing me online shouldn’t mean that you can expect me to be working. Monday through Friday, normal business hours, you’re welcome to expect whatever you want from me, but even then, if I’ve worked a lot the week before, or ended up working the weekend, I might not be. It’s the problem with working online, I think. People expect availability 24/7 which is not only unreasonable, but unfair. The reality is, I work more than Monday through Friday most weeks. I work far more than normal business hours. But I don’t want that to be an expectation, because you’ll be disappointed and I’ll be cranky(crankier).

It’s the same reason I keep my Twitter private and have a private Facebook account. Not everything is about work, just because I work online!

So…yeah. Don’t ask what brought that on. I’ve just been thinking about it for awhile. I’m trying to be better about not working on the weekends–it’s not fair to my family, it makes it harder for me to decompress, and it’s more than likely going to lead to extreme burnout if I don’t knock it off. I’m thinking no one wants that 😉

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