Every morning for as long as Brianna’s been going to daycare, and any other time I’m in the car, I’ve tuned my radio station to 95.3. Why? Because they did the Eighties at Eight every morning. Hello! A whole hour of eighties music? Yes, I have turned into my parents, listening to the songs of my “youth” but c’mon, who doesn’t love the eighties? During the rest of the day, the station played a great mix of 80s, 90s and current, all top 40 stuff. It was easy to listen to and I knew I wouldn’t be hating on most of the music.

Today, my heart was shattered. I dropped Brianna off at daycare, flipped the radio to my fave station and heard…Bob and Sheri’s Chatroom. Who the hell are Bob and Shari, who’s this dude they’re letting blather on about nothing particularly interesting (random caller) and where’s the Eighties at Eight? Gone, it seems. Looks like the radio station is restructuring and they’re piping in a syndicated morning talk show. Can I just say blech? Every other radio station in the area already does morning talk shows (some local, some syndicated). I could have switched to one of them at any time if I wanted to listen to a bunch of people who will drive me insane and raise my blood pressure with their stupidity, and rambling, pointless, inane opinions. I want music, not talk. I WANT MY MTV. Errr…sorry. So anyway, I flipped through all the other local stations and the only one not “talking” was a country station. I like country, it’s why I have it programmed, but not enough to listen to it all the time. I’m so sad! I want my eighties, I want Jeff and Karen back in the morning, I want music. I don’t want change. I don’t LIKE change. Waaaaaah.

It looks like I’ll be loading up my mp3 player again, and plugging it into the car stereo. I wonder if it’s too late to invest in Sirius radio….

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