Which do you use, if either? As I’ve said previously, I won’t use Shelfari so let’s leave them out of this convo. They lost me when they first started, with the terrible spamming of email.

I’ve been using LibraryThing widgets in my sidebar, I can’t remember why I decided to use them instead of Goodreads. I belong to both. At the time, maybe LT’s widgets were more customizable in some way.

But I’ve been noticing that Goodreads seems to have a more active community, and I have people “friending” me there, there are conversations I’ve watched and taken part in, and there just seems to be more recommending of and chatting about books there. So I’m wondering, before my book list gets too long on Library Thing (it’s only at about 75 books right now) if I should switch to using Goodreads for my books and my widgets, so I can take advantage of the recommend to friends feature, and the sense of community there.

Anyone have any thoughts on the two? I know KristieJ did a wonderful comparison post a few months ago, as did someone else (who was it?) ETA: Bookseller Chick Does anyone have an opinion on the ability of either LibraryThing or Goodreads to catalog ebooks and allow for adding of covers?

Also, as an aside, can I just say that Calibre rocks my world?

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