That girl

We had swimming lessons last night and sadly, my daughter was “that kid”. Oh, you know the one I mean. The kid that’s bratty and disruptive to the class and the other kids trying to learn. The one that doesn’t listen to the teacher, doesn’t pay attention and goofs off every time his back is turned? Yeah, that kid. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one frustrated with her–the teacher seemed frustrated too. What’s sad is that she really needs these lessons, she loves the water so she needs to learn how to swim. And watching her compared to the other two boys in her class, their skills are a lot better.

She spent a lot of time being “girlie” too. You know, screaming and shrieking when the teacher tried to get her to do something. Picture a woman with a high-pitched falsetto saying “save me, Mr. Baron, please save me!” *hand to brow* Yeah, that’s my daughter.

So she didn’t seem to get much out of the swim class and I don’t think the teacher felt too interested in teaching a shrieking, screaming, obnoxious girl when he had two boys who were attending to what he was saying and doing a great job of performing.

No amount of me talking to her seemed effective either. The child believes she can just smile charmingly at me (or the teacher) and we’ll think she’s so cute that all is forgiven. I’m not sure where she gets that idea, it’s not like it’s worked for her in the past (at least not with her father and I, I think a few past teachers have fallen for it).

Anyone want a cute, charming, irritating 4 y/o girl to come live with them for oh…14 years?

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